Down And Out And Unwanted By Family?

Down And Out And Unwanted By Family?:

Young people who leave home, and are doing well until they hit a crisis, and go home again, very often end up homeless on the street. Why?

Finances. Parents will welcome the child back and say nothing about the additional expense. Until it is too late. It is only said that they should go work, and if possible find another place of their own, and make their own way in the world, when it is no longer possible to financially carry them. Extreme culture shock.

Such a move should be a staging post only. That rule should be made clear before the child becomes too comfortable. Pleasantly.

A local job, and a place of their own within six miles would ensure parents will turn up and lend a hand. Let them. Enjoy it.

Note: And yes, I do know about the Bible story of the Prodigal son, but that was about a wealthy family, who expected him to work for his keep again. If he hadn’t, he was out on his ear. A single Church would soften the issues, and iron out the problems, with ease. And a lot more besides. Interactive elders.


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