Muslims Can’t Practice Their Faith In The West

Muslims Can’t Practice Their Faith In The West: (I need never hide any part of my religion)

When a Muslim policeman was asked if he believed that Muslims should practice the words of the Koran where it tells him he must not be friendly with Jews or Christians this was his reply.

“Only if we took it seriously. It is for Allah I say this. I say this for Allah. We don’t take it seriously.”

 I know what he said, because I was there. I also know how much more such instructions and fiction are written in their book that they take deadly seriously together in secret.

This applies to all the parts of the Koran that Arabs made up, which is most of it. (The good parts are from the dead sea scrolls) Now it’s going to be like this in future. They are going to drop their false faith, which they can’t even admit to following here, because it’s illegal in the Christian Jewish world, and join a single Church to be named by God. As will the rest of us. I trust God.

Now they are disowning terrorists because they undermine what they are really doing. Converted recruits to Islam are obviously not being made aware of those things, and not applying the Koran’s instructions secretly. Their talk and pretence of being peaceful, is as evil fiction as what they really are, which is never peaceful. ‘So Called Islamic State’ (I.S.I.S.) is following the Koran as it is written. As are Muslims here, in secret.


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