Because Life Should be Equal

Because Life Should Be Equal:

For decades now successive U.K. governments have used the official secrets act to protect the following. (What I Have Been Assigned To End)

They have been using the N.H.S. to keep the costs of looking after the elderly and the infirm to a minimum by making them ill as soon as they become surplus to requirement. I.e. pension age, crippled. They put the last person standing of a couple, into what they call care homes, which are really nothing more than a means to strip them of their assets, then kill them. Now the pressure we are applying to them is beginning to change their way of saying how they will do things in future, but you notice nothing will change in fact, by their means. More evil words of death by N.H.S., and the queen will live long, while you will die young.

Do you really think that a government, any government can compete financially, or with the power or caring power of a single compulsory Church with a very small weekly donation to charity? Charity used for what it is meant to be used for. The care of the elderly, poor, and infirm.

It would, or will, put their puny efforts to shame within a year, and maybe get a few of them hung for their crimes as well.

Live long. Take care.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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