Lucifer Keeps People Primed To Kill

Lucifer Keeps People Primed To Kill: (All Over The World)

Then he simply unleashes them to cover bad news for his kingdom.

Some years ago some musicians were going to introduce me to the audience in the Plough Inn, Mid Street, Keith, Banffshire Scotland. (Music Festival) Before they could the TV news announced the Irish Enniskillen Bombing. (I was not interested in being introduced. I’m from Keith, and not in the habit of showing off)

What I am caring about is what I told them, and they ignored to guarantee them a trip to hell, eventually.

I said “He (Lucifer) will always do this. He knows God is with me. It is too easy for him if you don’t go ahead with the support anyway.” The BBC are the same. They fall for it every time. Not just in my case. The NHS and police spend every minute of every day working for Lucifer.

I never really give those people the time of day now. They are wimpy losers with no backbones. Like Teresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Fallon, that spineless liberal. Etc. Etc. Etc. Wastes of space.

I have no time for such gutless people who pretend to be religious, until Lucifer steps in. TV presenters included. God has no time for such people.


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