The Futility Of My Life – Example

The Futility Of My Life – Example:

I was speaking to Jehovah’s Witnesses outside the Bank Of Scotland in Inverness yesterday, 22.05.17, when one happened to mention she used to work for the bank, but in a different place. I was reminded of what happened a few weeks ago.

For years I searched for the man who said, very distinctly, outside the then Woolworths store in Elgin, the day before the Inverness Business Bank Manager in Nairn was shot, that he would shoot “That banker in Nairn”. It’s a long story I covered many times, and he didn’t bring up the subject. Another with him did that.

Here’s the rub: Sods law, and organized crime apply.

I was in Starbucks in Elgin a few weeks ago when I glanced him passing the window. First sighting for many, many years. I blurted out “Who is that man? I’ve been looking for him for years, because he said he would shoot a Nairn banker, and I’ve not seen him since the day before it happened.”

One of the staff said “That’s my dad.”

It figures. Now she says he’s died.


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