B.A. Compensation Is Wrong

B.A. Compensation Is Wrong:

Except for people returning home there should be no compensation. Ticket price refund only. I notice Muslims will benefit the most, and if you saw the TV reports from Gatwick and Heathrow you may have noticed Muslims appeared to know they were going nowhere. They were just waiting for the two sheets of A3 paper telling them how to fill their bank accounts again at your expense.

I’ve applied for a passport four times, at a cost of around £100 pounds a time, (With all the accompanying papers) and never got one. (You get NO money back) Now I’m told that ALL THE STAFF* in our passport offices are Muslim’s as are the people who could sign the documents. Little wonder they’ve all got one and I have not. (I don’t want one now, and I don’t want the money back now)

*Probably true as well. Give them nothing, because they will pool the money to buy, set up, businesses, and build their own Schools.


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