Climate Change

Climate Change:

For thousands of years smoke from lovely wood burning and coal burning open fires stood this planet in good stead. The Bible says smoke is good for the atmosphere. It gathers impurities and rain washes them to the ground. Harmful gases Etc.

We know smog became a problem, but there are still rural areas, where solid fuels should be encouraged. Also the burning of their scrub lands. Although I feel smog followed by rain would clean traffic pollution.

It was not until the introduction of central heating, and clean energy, that the global heat became a talking point. Scientists spend all day, every day, deliberately trying to prove God wrong. I totally agree with Saint Paul. He said scientists are evil. There is a case to lock them all up and treat them for their obvious mental illness.

Also. On another subject: The BBC could be about to be thrown out of every nation on earth, along with all British citizens. Trouble makers they are being called. (That’s putting it mildly) British planes, boats, trains to be allowed in other nations ONLY TO REMOVE Brits. Hold on to your hats.


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