Only Poofs Vote In Elections

Only Poofs Vote In Elections: (And vegetarians*)

Note: *They are destroying our seas as well. Ezekiel 47:-

Take a ship load of animal offal into any sea and dump it. Next day dump a small amount and then throw in your fishing net. You will catch many fish2 *.

Fish require feeding, and vegetarian waste (Including their Sh*t) is not good enough for our seas. And this is only one of many examples of the damage being done now.

Also: Asian TV programs will have to be removed from our TV’s. The hate they are generating is not acceptable. Over their  improper dressing behaviour alone a war could ensue soon. Politicians, with huge followings,  are threatening to take action. This is a Christian nation. The Saints will love it if the British are wiped out by other false faith beliefs. They will inherit it.

Note: 2 * But very small, underfed, skinny little wimpy vegetarian fish.


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At present I am disabled (Leprosy)
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