Party Policies That Kill You

Party Policies That Kill You:

Ever listened to groups of politicians argue over their policies? How could you not have? However did you believe them?

There are thousands of examples like this one, and millions of deaths.

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour Leader) argued that “people are dying under conservative austerity policies, and only food banks are sustaining them for a time.” It is not idle chatter. People die.

If more money goes to the NHS people will die to pay for it. More would live if it did not exist. If more money goes to education instead, there will be no workers to pay for anything, because educated people only earn for themselves. If more money goes to the BBC it adds to the money already totally wasted on them. Are they necessary at all? Because I say they are not. How many people could live from the money they waste.

No matter what the political policy it is going to kill millions of people. The only people who need to die are criminals being hung.

Take Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Chechnya, and civil wars everywhere. All resulting from democratic decisions for the good of party politics. Include every nation in Africa dying over religions, because democracy has no God.

God knows how many might die in Britain now as they struggle for power? I just heard another ambulance. Six today so far.


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  1. Interesting blog post. Keep it up.


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