Ed Says: “I’ve Cracked it Gordon.”

Ed Says: “I’ve Cracked it Gordon.”:

G: “Cracked what Ed?”

Ed: “How to issue a block vote to the political party with the most seats, but no overall majority in a general election.”

G: “Can’t be done Ed. They’d never agree to that. When did you come up with this stupid idea anyway?”

Ed: “While you were in Inverness buying sweeties today.”

G: “Shhhh Ed. No sweets. Okay let’s hear it. How does this go?” Snigger, snigger. “This will be funny folks.”

Ed: “You may laugh Gordon, but it could be easier than you might think.”

G: “You’re an idiot Ed., but let us have it anyway.”

Ed: “What if they had no choice but accept it?”

G: “? Impossible.”

Ed: “What if the question were asked on the actual voting papers every general election every five years?”

G: “You mean something like ‘do you agree to a block vote being issued to the party with the most seats in the event of a hung parliament? Yes or No’.”

Ed: “Am I a genius or what Gordon? Am I?”

G: “I’m glad I thought of this Folks. It’s a good idea, and it might brush poofs aside by very fair public referendum. Oh the luxury. Five years in power guaranteed, and no constant voting again and again hassle for voters, and no concessions to vile immoral people, and no excuses. A well published small clause on every ballot paper stating that by voting for their chosen candidate the voter agrees to  this, would be better though.”

Ed: “You’re glad you thought of it Gordon? Hoi just a minute. This was my idea.”

G: “Bye Ed.”


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