Falklands Conflict Revisited

Falklands Conflict Revisited: (Malvinas)

I remember seeing a documentary* many years ago about the ships the navy used during the Falklands conflict.

One aluminium ship was struck by a missile providing enormous heat. They could not douse it. The reason is that unlike mild steel, which melts when extremely hot, aluminium burns. Steel can be doused continuously until it cools. Aluminium simply reignites when the water is removed, as would steel if it burned. It would have to be immersed.

Is there any aluminium cladding left off Grenfell Tower? Or did it burn away?

* BBC documentary, I think?

Note: One hour of a sprinkler is worth twenty four hours of ten hoses. Continuous sprinkling prevents reheating. Should use it for forest fires as well. One reason people don’t like them is they destroy everything. I.e. the entire stock of a shop, because someone burned the toast. However if every corridor, stairway, lift shaft, flat and business had it’s own security encased tap? ???? Break glass in real emergency type. Difficult to police when not in use though. For fire brigade use only? I would sleep rough rather than live in a high rise.


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