You Need A Little Guidance I See

You Need A Little Guidance I See:

What you need for the Grenfell tower families is two lists.
1. A list of the families to be rehoused, and the numbers in each family. No good putting a single person in a four bedroom house and trying to fit a family in a single room flat.
2. A list of available housing. You get this from the council.
You also get the housing officers to help.
Then you must consider things such as local schools. Shops. The bread winner/s. The bread winner/s don’t want to travel half way round the world and back to and from work every day.
Then, with the council housing officers in tow, you visit every property, and assess what has to be done before people move in. You’ll need transport.
When you can appoint a house to the persons, you can let them see. Painting, decorating, laying vinyl and carpets, should be under way already. Spend some of Theresa May’s money. The council have workers to direct the works, and help.
They will need a brand new bed each, (Single, Double, King Size as required) including cots. With Linen. Push chairs also. A new cooker. No second hand ones. Table, chairs for eating off.
Then you can start collecting donations of furniture, curtains, etc.
Have you done all this yet? Need more of you then, including the young. Male and female.
Council will transport donated goods, up to a point, I presume.
Then you need to gather in the Churches at the weekend and consider your next moves over a few prayers. Community goes on after all appears done, and it includes the families from the tower.

Pots And Pans: Towels, Tea Towels. Cutlery.

And This is from a Tesco page.

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