Biscuits == Self Powering Electric Motors?

Biscuits == Self Powering Electric Motors?:

Excuse the poor picture.

McVitie’s biscuits are shaped and marked with embossing using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) cutting precise shapes on a bronze roller. This form of cutting using CAD is so accurate now that it can divide to minute dimensions.

Now supposing the roller became the drive shaft of an electric motor. It could be made up of different material at different levels. Cut into to the right depths by computer driven cutters, and the same drive shaft could easily serve many functions.

Electric drive motor. Generate Electricity.

Precision placing could even use electricity produced at one point to power the motor at the next drive contact. The various ins and outs could be adjacent as well. Adjacent, but entirely separated by insulation and precision. If you get the chance to see the making of McVitie’s biscuits again don’t miss it. Some of the patterns are very intricate.

Layers could be Steel drive. Copper in – brass or aluminium out. Separated by plastic, or even silicon. But the real advantage would be the electric circuits in the insulation. Battery start.



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