British Apprenticeships

Time and again I am hearing this. Apprentices being dumped before their time is served. Another life thrown away for money.

I think the time has come to stop one man businesses from taking on apprentices. It appears they rarely reach the end of their training. There are many reasons. Personality clashes for one example. A company with six trained men minimum will leave the youngster with at least one on their side. Another problem is that youngsters are not only learning a trade, but they are learning about life. If things are not right at home, they will require support in the work place. Being a slave dealt them a better deal in many respects.

When I was an apprentice at Mutch’s Garage, Fife Keith, Banffshire my mother cottoned on to the fact that their were several possible customers amongst my work mates. (All Of Them In Fact, And A Few Policemen As Well.) She arrived every Friday afternoon (Shopping day, and pay day) and sat in my car. You would be surprised the devices they used to get me out of the way. Sent to Buckie for something that wasn’t there, for example. It reached the stage that the men would not even take their tea with me. I had to take it myself for the last few months. Or do without. Never let it be said it was my fault I left. Or I will kill you. I had more skill than any of them. Factories used to take up the young who were not suited to apprentice skills.


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