Solomon’s Temple

I have no evidence to suggest this is true, it’s only a thought, but could this temple, attributed to, Antiochus 1., and built on the Western Terrace at the mountaintop site of Nemrut Dagi, supposedly around 64-32 B.C., actually have been Solomon’s temple.

If you were to dig down around the heads of the eagle statues would you discover their bodies coated with gold? (The heads may have rumbled around the surface a little, and moved)

Because if you do dig, you might also discover the ark of the covenant between the two. Under the wings. We know there were a great many statues and art works in the temple, and we know the original association with God is all in the area. Also that king David, then his son, held many lands.

We know the temple was meant to be in Jerusalem, but that was King David’s plan. His son, Solomon, may have differed by instruction from God himself? It’s too near Gobekli Tepe to be ignored.

The tree of life could be near by as well. A cherubim is a cherubim after all. No reason they should stand alone. God likes carving stone. Any sign of a flaming sword? Made of stone?

Note: Solomon’s birds (cherubims) inner wings almost touched each other, and the outer wings reached, almost to both temple walls. So they were very big. I just have a feeling it makes more sense to be there.


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