Bible John

First sent by email: 14.10.05: (Bible John Witness)

  Around two years ago I received an e-mail from one of the eye witnesses saying that the photo of myself, on my web page, as a child looked like ‘Bible John’. I forwarded the reply to the Scottish Daily Record at the time, with her email address. Did anyone speak to her, because I think she’s right.

  I was still at school in 1968-69.

Bible John

  There can’t be that many eye witnesses.

  08.10.05: (The Killer Bible John)

   The Unidentified Smell

  I’ve recently seen a web page that says ‘Bible John’ gave off a terrible smell, which has never been identified.

  I’ll guarantee it was tree resin, from tree felling. It’s a nice smell if you know what it is, but very strong, and difficult to remove without proper bathing facilities. Not something the average city dweller would identify with, and not the same as fresh cut joiners wood. Trees are alive.

See Scottish Daily Record 22.08.02 for picture of the three together at Maxine Carrs court appearance. The file is not permitted for security reasons. So much for British history being truthful. It took them less than twenty four hours to prove me right. Again. Talk about evil.

  My brother, Alexander William Davidson, now living at 27,Craignabo Road, Peterhead.

  Worked with a small group sub contracted to Jones Of  Larbert, Timber Merchants.  

  Brian Munro, Portsoy was the contractor Alex worked for in the woods.

  Worked, (1967-69) felling trees near Cupar,Fife, and surrounding area. Just over an hour fromGlasgow?  He made the trip alone, often, when work was rained off. He wore platform shoes, and was always mistaken for being older as a teenager.

  This is also one I’ve long had doubts about.

  Renee MaKrae,Inverness. He drove a green Wolsley Hornet with a white roof whilst seconded to Porterfield prison several times in the 1970’s. Police are still looking for one. (Slight green tinge, but white roof, to all intents)

  Into drugs, and red light areas. Spends big money on houses.

  Photo fit is not a good likeness, but not unlike either.

  He has four sisters and sister in laws and mother was, all pro’s.

  Note: The media gave him the name ‘Bible John’, but men who frequent red light districts, according to Alex, should never give their real names, because of the danger of having to pay for children born as a result. When I was young he’ ‘Alex’, never gave his real name for anything. Of course he had good teachers.

  09.01.06.  The Killer Bible John. Witness

  My brother was a friend of Robert Black, child killer, and when I saw him at a dance in Aberchirder, they were together.

  Picture from

 St. Paul once wrote. “As regards religion I am a believer in Christ, but as regards the law, I’m a Pharisee.” Pharisees were sticklers for the law, and Paul shopped a runaway slave Etc.

  Likewise, and with good reasons.

14.08.13 Addition: —————-

When Robert Black lived at Turriff he had several friends. Amongst them Bible John. One such friend is now a Doctor. (Hatton I think) Graeme (Or Grahame) Ferguson ex of Ardmiddle Mains Farm by Turriff. For a lot of years he was their friend. Now Turriff will go to any lengths to cover up Robert Black and Bible John’s activities whilst they were there. They have gone into total denial. How many of them were involved too? Many.


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