The Niggers Next Door Want Your Home

The Niggers Next Door Want Your Home:

… It isn’t stealing when it’s taken from an unbeliever. … Not only did Muhammad take much of the town’s possessions and land, but he actually had the tribe’s treasurer

The koran teaches arabs (Including many of my own family, and because I grew up with them I’m an expert. I’ve never stolen in my life) to take it, anything at all, if they want it or need it.

I arrived home on Thursday 02.07.15, 6.30 pm to be told by my black muslim neighbour, that they want my council house for themselves, and that they were the one’s who smashed all my windows for years in an attempt to move me out. I already knew this, but now I have the conviction of her statement to go to press. They already have most of the area.

I have been to the council. They are the council, and so what will be done?

Whole areas of Britain have been taken over this way. Christian families broken up and displaced. Children taken into care, ruthlessly destroyed, victimised, and often slaughtered in the name of a false religion.

A false religion which demands of it’s believers (arabs) that they emigrate to other lands and take them over in the name of someone called Allah. God knows who he is. To say my God hates them is a lot of an understatement.

Satan had a lot to do with the koran, is also a gross understatement


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