Human Dogs

Human Dogs:

Lucifer’s kingdom is almost, if not entirely, made up of half Humans half Beasts.

Let us look at the evidence.

Firstly: Prostitutes are doing a roaring trade from men who have been lured into marriages with women who can do nothing in the bedroom. I remember a couple from Ordiquhill in Banffshire who dated for seven years before they gave up when he discovered the truth. Miss L. Duncan was her name as I recall. I  spoke to them in Keith Square (They were in a Morris Minor) after seven years of their relationship and they told me. That was my first knowledge of this? (I think. Though it went over my head at the time) What became of him?

Secondly: Lesbians, and how often have you heard them say this themselves, say they would have children, but only by adoption. They’ll tell you they couldn’t be bothered with all that goes with giving birth themselves. The truth is They Can’t. A litter of two headed dogs at best.

Thirdly: Our National Health Services know this, but because the nursing profession is now riddled with them, nothing is going to be done.

Fourthly: Politics are now also riddled with Gays and Lesbians. I put it to you that the evidence suggests beyond any doubt that all of the above applies to them. (Lesbians) They have no children, because they can’t have children, because they are bred (Or Constructed) from animals. (Hint: It must be in their medical records)

Fifthly: When the Beast is released from the bottomless pit by the angel from heaven, his Kingdom is already in place. I want to sit out those forty and two months. It will be interesting, but very predictable.