Muslims In Parliament

Muslims In Parliament:

This page is not about me. If You are Christian or Jew, this page is for you.

I had another two people in my house on Friday (15.o9.2017) about my legs. Last time it was police, but I did not let them in. It was the middle of the night, and they tried to break in. This time it was Moray Council staff. (One Social worker) Five pm. I was not in bed. I let them in no problem. I would not if I were in bed, at any time.

They, like the police, went off to find me a doctor willing to treat my legs. They even suggested hospital this time. Hospital would be fine, but my bed would be surrounded by Muslim staff determined to remove the legs as directed by their Koran. “We must remove the legs of all who oppose the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.” (The Elgin Mosque Amir Would Sit By My Bed To Make Sure They Did)

All hospital staff are Muslim now. They will not find me a doctor willing to treat me any more than the police did. Bear in mind they will have been warned they would die for trying.

“We are family, I’ve got all my sisters with me.” Is really a black power song, concerning blacks sticking together.

Take a look at the televised debates in the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. Question time for example. I watch them all. (Most) See all the black faces of Islam on the benches voted there by their black sisters and brothers. Muslim M.P.’s acting as one for Muhammad. The U.K. is no longer governable. They employ sharia law to you and me. Take a vote on severe punishments of people charged with blasphemy in Islamist nations, and they will say it is not Britain’s business. What they are saying is ‘death to all none believers,’ such as you and me. Islam could bomb the twin towers in America now and get applause in Westminster, and at the BBC. like they do in Islamic nations. “Mystery, Babylon the great. Mother of harlots , , , ” must fall. Kill it.