My Work

My Work:

Cultures Every WhereU.S. President Barack Obama says that gun crime is responsible for more deaths in America than , , , including terrorism, but

This is our inner cities in the western world today. I read in the Scottish Daily Record, and the English press frequently about homes being burned by criminals. Politicians who tackle them get their property burned. Gun wars involving ethnic minorities who came here not knowing their ars”s from their elbows, leave alone about God’s laws.

So don’t say this picture is barbaric. Say it is a result of the lack of compulsory religion. Say it is an every day occurrence in the west as well. Although the picture is Africa, it is no worse.

He who has no sin is normally the one burned, or blamed for the burning. I’d have to see a lot of court reports and evidence before hanging someone. If there is any doubt ?

This must end, and the means is so simple it is ridiculous that it has not been done to date. A simple act of parliament reading something like

‘This is a Christian Nation, and all residents and visitors of more than two weeks will register with the local Christian Church. Registration will be compulsory and from birth. The Church will make the rules according to God’s will, and the law will be enforced by the government of the day, chosen and elevated from same Christian Church.” ***

This is the work as given to me by our Lord Yeshua Christ in person.

*** Note: Just remember that to add too much to this law would be to detract from it.