My version of ‘White Christmas’ Is Now Streaming

My version of ‘White Christmas’ Is Now Streaming: 

I can record and release covers now. Any Requests? Go away is the most popular so far.  To be honest my health is not good enough now. 

Ring me Hily? 

The UK media are determined to misrepresent President Trump’s words. They have to go. They’ve started wars doing that. What he said yesterday was right. A UK partial trade deal with Europe will maybe make it difficult to have a separate trade deal with America. Cherry Picking the EU will call it, and it’s not up to Teresa May. 

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My Wi Fi Keeps Going Down Again

My Wi Fi Keeps Going Down Again:

I get a few minutes a time, at most. A few moments a day actually. 

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Well Done Cave Rescuers

Well Done Cave Rescuers: (Thailand

Now we know what the bottomless pit might be like. 

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Don’t You Just Love Democracy?

Don’t You Just Love Democracy?: 

No? Politicians don’t either. They just ignore it. They’ll probably have a vote now on raising their own pay just to prove they really can live with a democratic decision? 

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Soccer (Football) Interesting Observation

Soccer (Football) Interesting Observation: (Yes. I am watching the England game)

However: This is something I noticed during the Belgium – Brazil match.

Twenty minutes to go, and the Belgium players grew very leg weary. Their passing became poor. From the efforts of scoring two goals? Whatever. As professionals they kept the ball. Into the corners Etc. 

Now the interesting bit: When the Brazil players legs then grew as weary and both teams were equally wearied again, Belgium looked as if they had found new legs. In fact it was the Brazilians who tired to the same degree. 

Seconds ago Maguire just scored. After much team effort. Take my point? Tire the opposition equally with possession or lose the lead. Make it three first. 

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Film: ‘Ace In The Hole’ – Kirk Douglas

Film: ‘Ace In The Hole’ – Kirk Douglas:

Old film, and I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s about a journalist who discovers a man in a cave, who could be easily rescued. Instead he pretends he’s the only one who can reach him, and turns the episode into a media circus for vast profit. The man dies. 

Are you really going to let those gay British men play with those trapped boys in a Thailand cave for four months, with the media making a circus of it all? Arrest them, hang them, and get the boys out. The British are always ‘taking the lead’ in such cases, but are never ever honest. 

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That Is What Yeshua (Jesus) Told Me

That Is What Yeshua (Jesus) Told Me:

One time I met him in Fife Keith, Banffshire, I asked if I could buy him a pint? He politely refused, because there were many with him for one reason, but he did say that beer was okay then, 1970’s, but it would be discovered that it was beer that would be poisoned towards the end. 

It is not the beer itself, but the fizzy gas, which is an important ingredient in the beer. It also applies to soft drinks. I have collapsed twice recently after drinking Tesco soft drinks from cans. It won’t be in every pint or can. 

Ginger beer? Cream soda? This must have been going on for some time, but now they’ve upped the poison ratio. The victim loses all use of their muscles. 

Yeshua, can I ask you to throw your weight behind this post, please. Amen, and if our Father could throw some weight behind it also, I’d appreciate it. Thank you God. 

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E.U. Plans For Immigrants

E.U. Plans For Immigrants: (E.U. Governments Proposals Yesterday) 

They propose donating money to a list of countries to help them build camps for processing would be immigrants. The proposals in brief  

Next: The problem of white niggers in our midst, who are deliberately killing us and giving our properties and jobs to immigrants, must be tackled. Even if this means rounding them up and placing them in camps with a view to deporting them to the countries of their origins generations back. It is the only way you will live a long happy, and healthy life. 

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Thailand. Cave Search For Football Team

Thailand. Cave Search For Football Team:

I’d be tempted to play very, very, very loud music in short bursts, in various positions which can be reached. Cave Search 

Also: Hilary is beginning to realise my legs will not be ready to walk on the beach or climb hills soon, so she’s now looking for someone else. 

Find a suitable fellow for Hilary. (With good health) Are they really trying to heal me? Unlikely. 

P.S. Don’t play my music to get their attention, or they’ll think they are in heaven. Play their own favourites then listen for a response. 

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Still Think Democracy Works?

Still Think Democracy Works?:

Worldwide story after story proving democracy is total disaster dealing death to decent people when run by atheists. (Could you listen to a gay leader for example. They are mentally ill. I could not, and would not listen to them, and how many more of God’s rules will they break) Yet they, and other transgressors, persist. Democracy can only work under God’s laws. People, myself included, are not entitled to opinions on what is right and wrong. That is what religious education is for. Common decent laws.

Single Christian Church. Then democracy will work. At present democracy is devastating the planet with false rules. 

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