What Ken Livingston Has Said

What Ken Livingston Has Said: (The History)

Now the Labour party and the Media want to drag Jews into the spotlight again, and Mr Livingston simply quoted the history books they want to re-write. Israel, as it is now was British territory. The Jews know their own history. So why try to lie to them? Malcolm MacDonald was the son of Labour P.M. James Ramsay MacDonald. Jews are perfect, because God has refined them to perfection.

In 1939, MacDonald oversaw and introduced the so-called MacDonald White Paper which aimed at the creation of a unified state, with controls on Jewish immigration. The White Paper argued that with over 450,000 Jews having now settled in the mandate, the Balfour Declaration had now been met and the paper opposed an independent Jewish state. The League of Nations commission held that the White Paper was in conflict with the terms of the Mandate as put forth in the past. The outbreak of the Second World War suspended any further deliberations.[2][3] It has been suggested that MacDonald and Chamberlain took this course of action in order to ensure that the situation in Palestine did not develop into a situation similar to that of Ireland where two evenly matched communities engaged in bitter ethnic conflict.[citation needed] With antisemitism rampant in Europe, MacDonald sought to find new settlements, in vain. The White Paper was bitterly opposed by the Jews in Palestine, as well as by many supporting the National Government in Britain. When it was voted on in Parliament many Government supporters abstained or voted against the proposals, including some Cabinet Ministers as well as Winston Churchill. The objections to the ‘white paper’ were especially raised following the plight of European Jews under Nazi regimes in Germany and Austria, who suffered greatly under the Nazi oppression, but did not have other available goals of immigration, as most states at this point (including the US and Canada), did not accept Jewish refugees. In a UK Parliamentary debate, Lloyd George called the White Paper an act of perfidy while Winston Churchill voted against the government.[4] In a leader the Manchester Guardian called it “a death sentence on tens of thousands of Central European Jews”[5] The Liberal MP James Rothschild stated during the parliamentary debate that “for the majority of the Jews who go to Palestine it is a question of migration or of physical extinction”.[6]

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How Soon Lord God?

How Soon Lord God?

How soon?

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Question For Muslims. Christians Pay Attention

Question For Muslims. Christians Pay Attention:

If my friend Yeshua Christ stood on an average street today surrounded by multi religious faiths and cultures, would, or even could Muslims, and other false religions, accept him as God’s son?

The answer is no, because the Koran and other books of fiction forbids them.

It is therefore a fact that he will have to kill their armies, thereby creating the valley of bones, and lay down the law to whole nations by denying them rain.

How many millions will die of hunger before they learn to behave? How many Christians will die before they learn the extent of the problem that is killing them now?

Only a single Church can save you.

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‘They See’

‘They See’:

Also on the ‘Tears Stain My Eyes’ Sound Cloud Playlist.

‘They See’ is a song concerning the recent stories of eavesdropping being conducted, totally illegally, by extremely perverted people (Mostly Poofs)  who are ogling and stealing and nothing else. Although they try to justify it, it cannot ever be justified. Think seriously about what they must listen to. Men, women, children, in their homes, schools, colleges, universities and offices, and God knows where else.

They See

1. They see you
Though you can’t see them
I pray for you
But they see you
Now you know
Just what they do
Oh yes they do
Just believe it
Yes they do
Oh yes they do
Believe it.

2. They tell you
What you should do
I pray for you
But they corrupt you
Now you know
Just what they do
Oh yes it’s true
Just believe it
Yes it’s true
They’re misleading you
Believe it.

3. They hurt you
With what they do
I pray for you
But they kill you
Now you know
Just what they do
Oh yes they do
Just believe it
Yes they hurt
Oh yes they do
Believe it.

4. God see’s them
As he see’s us
I pray for you
But they rob us
Now we know
Just what they do
Oh yes it’s true
God forbid it
Yes they steal
Oh yes they do
Believe it.

Copyright © 2017 Gdicm

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Muslims Can’t Practice Their Faith In The West

Muslims Can’t Practice Their Faith In The West: (I need never hide any part of my religion)

When a Muslim policeman was asked if he believed that Muslims should practice the words of the Koran where it tells him he must not be friendly with Jews or Christians this was his reply.

“Only if we took it seriously. It is for Allah I say this. I say this for Allah. We don’t take it seriously.”

 I know what he said, because I was there. I also know how much more such instructions and fiction are written in their book that they take deadly seriously together in secret.

This applies to all the parts of the Koran that Arabs made up, which is most of it. (The good parts are from the dead sea scrolls) Now it’s going to be like this in future. They are going to drop their false faith, which they can’t even admit to following here, because it’s illegal in the Christian Jewish world, and join a single Church to be named by God. As will the rest of us. I trust God.

Now they are disowning terrorists because they undermine what they are really doing. Converted recruits to Islam are obviously not being made aware of those things, and not applying the Koran’s instructions secretly. Their talk and pretence of being peaceful, is as evil fiction as what they really are, which is never peaceful. ‘So Called Islamic State’ (I.S.I.S.) is following the Koran as it is written. As are Muslims here, in secret.

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Westminster Terror Attack 22.03.2017

Westminster Terror Attack 22.03.2017:

Khalid Masood, terrorist, mowed down men women and children on Westminster bridge outside the Westminster parliament.

Muslims, including politicians and city Mayors everywhere, pretend they don’t approve, while at the same time plotting to install sharia law everywhere.

Theresa May, Prime Minister, had to be extracted to a safe place from the scene. Then she made a statement about protecting “Our freedoms, and democracy. Stuff your version of it” What freedoms does she mean? She does not know what freedom means. Then she spoke of “free speech,” When God says ‘Not everyone is entitled to an opinion. Debate his word yes, but no opinions’ His being the only opinion that matters, and the only opinion I preach.

Next she will be telling you, we need more police, men and women, on the streets, and more security services personnel.

Theresa. With a single church compulsory from birth, every member would be policing within a few years, and ever more. You don’t know what ‘freedoms’ are until you have such loving communities. You don’t know what democracy is until every member of every congregation has a say in the running of local affairs, and who goes forwards to run national issues, and interaction between congregations would mean that the very best of common ideas were adopted everywhere. At present you have the very worst, and they will always rise up and bite you. Time and time again.

Speaking of police: I swear they learn policing from watching police dramas on TV. Fingertip searching a cut and dry case is showing off. If you find anything else, bin it. Khalid Masood is in hell already.

Note: Muslim hospital staff have instructions to terminate such attackers to prevent questioning that would point back to what Muslims really do to us. Too much morphine for example. (A Muslim told me this years ago)

To say it is impossible to have a single Church, is to call God a fool, and his son likewise. You might as well add me to your fools list then. For I work to a purpose for them.

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Motivated By The Quran

Motivated By The Quran:

There is only one way to remove it’s influence. A single Church by law from birth.

Removing it’s influence from the heads of muslims. Hatred of others is it’s only message.

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‘Hold The Front Page’

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People Kept In Containers Here In Elgin

People Kept In Containers Here In Elgin: (And everywhere in Europe)

Many years ago I was passing an Elgin hospital ward called the Rowan ward. Against the wire strengthened glass of the permanently locked door were pressed the pleading faces of old women. The hospital was knocked down since to make way for the new extension to Dr Gray’s hospital.

The women pleaded with me to tell people that they were prisoners, and all the staff were blacks. I felt sorry for them, but could not understand that, at the time.

It turns out it was true. They are the cousins of current illegal immigrants trying to gain access to Europe now. All things comes around.

Actually the containers look comfortable, and drier than tents.

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Down And Out And Unwanted By Family?

Down And Out And Unwanted By Family?:

Young people who leave home, and are doing well until they hit a crisis, and go home again, very often end up homeless on the street. Why?

Finances. Parents will welcome the child back and say nothing about the additional expense. Until it is too late. It is only said that they should go work, and if possible find another place of their own, and make their own way in the world, when it is no longer possible to financially carry them. Extreme culture shock.

Such a move should be a staging post only. That rule should be made clear before the child becomes too comfortable. Pleasantly.

A local job, and a place of their own within six miles would ensure parents will turn up and lend a hand. Let them. Enjoy it.

Note: And yes, I do know about the Bible story of the Prodigal son, but that was about a wealthy family, who expected him to work for his keep again. If he hadn’t, he was out on his ear. A single Church would soften the issues, and iron out the problems, with ease. And a lot more besides. Interactive elders.

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