17.04.15 “The Bible says that all the people in Britain will be utterly destroyed, and the land inhabited by the saints”. Soon. Never has there been a race so evil.

19.09.14 “They shall divide the land for gain, and one nation shall seek to break away from the other three. Out of that nation shall come one who is ruthless to destroy.” The BEAST and the false prophet. Could be Tony Blair or Gordon Brown? Or Who? “There are seven kings, five have fallen, one is , , ” etc. Bible Revelation.

07.09.13 A big earthquake on the Irish mainland. 21.06.14 insert: I think it might be in Brazil, and the resulting Tsunami will hit us, Ireland first, hard. God says anyway. Before the really big one.

29.06.13 “The day cometh that shall burn as an oven, and lest those days be shortened, nothing will survive”.

11.03.13: lucifer (lucy) the dragon will be apprehended soon, and stuffed in the bottomless pit for a thousand years. He’ll know how little time he has left before he gets out again. Though he doesn’t believe it now, he’ll know by then. I myself have enough evidence against him to put him in hell, and I’m just one of billions.

01.03.13: Revelation 11:- A beast versus two prophets in sack cloth. Soon.

30.11.12: The muslim lie that they call faith will be utterly destroyed. God never changed his mind about his legacy to the Jews and his Son Yeshua Christ the Messiah as they claim. The more I learn about those vermin the more I understand the need. They are lying thieving parasites.

14.11.12: Ed Prophesies Gordon will be dead by Christmas. (Gordon thinks. Could be right Ed. It’s certainly on the cards. Three score years and ten according to my enemies)

27.10.12: Santa will be taken and placed in the bottomless pit soon. (Dad’s have said ‘not soon enough’)

14.09.12: (An easy one today) All the armies in the arab nations from Cush to where ever, will collectively surround Israel soon, and camp there with the intention of killing it. Nothing could stop them if all working together at present, because America and Britain went to war to protect homosexuals. Not to kill the muslim false faith. The hatred of Israel, even here, is beyond a joke. It is of course a hatred of God, and his words.

30.08.12: People will believe the truth soon about local pseudo singer Gerry O’Brien working for Elton John, and all Gays and Lesbians in general, towards stopping all Christians making properly influential music. Just one track allowed would bring them all back to Christianity. Such is the power of the psalmois. (Psalm) (psalmois = Greek = poem or lyrics to be performed with musical accompaniment. Not necessarily, as satan knows, religious)

25.08.12: Elton John will sing to my mother in hell soon enough, but who will write him new songs there? For it surely won’t be him.

22.08.12: I will own a larger yacht than Paul Allen’s Octypus? ($200 Million)  Roman Abramovich paid $1 billion for his bigger one. Or Tiger Woods one? Absolutely useless items. Now tell me rebuilding Elgin Cathedral and religion would be a waste of money. People who say so are sick heathens. “Rarely will a rich man enter the kingdom of God.” Rarely are rich men not absolute wastrel scum.

13.08.12: All the trees in one nation will die soon.

13.08.12: Bible John will stand as a MSP for the SNP and continue doing Lucifer’s bidding.

08.08.12: Elgin and Forres will be flooded again, from the sea side.

04.08.12: Moray Council will announce ‘it is broke’, soon, and ‘must close all unnecessary services’. I.e. Libraries. (Books will only be loaned for e-readers, from a central library source) Children will have to leave school, and work, from age twelve. Sweeping Lums.

04.08.12: My next (professional) recordings will out sell all other recordings collectively, and a single Church will be established around a rebuilt Elgin Cathedral, where I will be the Priest.

26.07.12: Tesco about to go bust. Too much debt. Asda to pull out of U.K. Too difficult to import supplies.


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  1. What a very informative site, I have found alot of very useful information here and still have a lot more to read. Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put in….


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