Proud Homophobic

Christians must carry their cross. Preaching that homosexuality is killing people by the tens of thousands is part of that process. Homosexuals spread killer diseases without a care. I live in a community where half the married men are active poofs, but deny it, and their disease is all around. Children die by the thousands every day in terminal hospital wards, and never know one of their parents or neighbours is the cause. Not only the cause, but they know they are the cause, and say nothing.

Because my mother was a Prostitute from her very early teens I was born with every disease under the sun. Every diseased piece of dirt for miles around gave me their diseases. I’m the youngest, and the further down the line we get, the more illness we are born with. My eldest sister was born disease free. Most diseases are inherited genetically, which means they more or less get off scot free. (Not all, but they get anti biotics)

Repent: When there is a phone in or debate on the internet it is the married poofs who carry the others. 90% of Gays are married to their unsuspecting heterosexual partners. Therefore the conversation will go (Always) like. “I’m a heterosexual married man, but I say we leave them (He means us) alone. They are doing no harm.” How wrong the sneaky little cripple poof is, and he knows it.


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