Newly Weds

I bought a book yesterday (20.08.13) about Jock Baillie’s life. I have not started reading it, but I should get stuck in at the weekend.

This post is about the picture on the cover. He lived in an old bus. Can’t wait to read more details.

My mother’s uncle, her mother’s brother, was Robert (Bertie) Farquhar of Rhynie. Who founded the Porta Cabin, and now the wood frame housing, company, as well. Now based in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. (Just wonder if he visited Jock Baillie in his bus and got the idea for his Porta Cabins? Just a thought)

My first thoughts when I saw the picture were what ideal cheap housing they’d make. Custom built with no wheels. Like a shipping container, but with windows like a bus, and a domed roof like a bus.

Why would they be better than Porta Cabins?

Because they are for placing on industrial sites to provide offices, toilets etc etc. They are not for living in, and would be difficult to make fit for living in. Plus, they are ugly wooden structures.

Galvanized metal welded frames. Bolted Together. Painted. Solid floors. Slightly domed roof like a caravan, fully lined and insulated, and custom fitted in the factory, with plumbing, heating, (Gas) electricity wiring and sewage pipes, etc. Carpets or vinyl from end to end. Partitions. (Movable?) Stackable two high, with stairs, and a panel to hide the join. Placed on a lorry and lifted onto site. 25′ x 12′ x 7′ 6″ inside ceilings x two units = same as my house, and it could easily have at least one more temporary bedroom if vented. Two much? One is enought to keep clean?

Who would want to live in one?

People live on private caravan sites, and this would simply be a posher site. It should be a council run site. Why?

Rents. Cheaper housing for newly weds. Cheap rent. None for sale at first.

Although ideally they should be on a custom made site, and placed side by side as a caravan site is, they could be used on private sites. Ideal for a young couple starting a business on site. Live there beside the industrial unit.

Properly made they would be attractive, and customisable. This would not affect Porta Cabin makers or house builders. In fact when young couples gather more money for deposits from having to pay a lot less rent, they will move up to housing. Unless they really like them? They would require lightening conductors?



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