Scottish Culture?

Scottish culture has arrived in Elgin?

Scottish Culture

BBC in Elgin Library Gallery 18.02.11

One reason I would never listen to radio Scotland, who are here in Elgin Library today, is because every second word is culture. Namely Scottish culture. They claim, because it justifies their evil lusts, that the earth is millions of years old, and people have lived here for ever, and we evolved from that. In fact we came from Europe, as the Europeans searched for food and horses. They were the Picts, and the Picts became us. Not so very long ago. The BBC are desperately trying to deny this and deny God, as every single word they have ever uttered on the subject is false and blasphemous. There were three truly evil men on earth who contradicted God’s word. Namely Muhammud, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud. Those three undid the entire scriptures, and law and order with it. We need Elgin Cathedral as the foundation of the rebuilt scriptures. Back on solid ground.

P.S. If they hang any portrait in the gallery, could it possibly be the first of many poofs to be hung here? I’ll give them a picture of Bible John if they care to do some real and worthwhile work.


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