Muhammad V Christ

No competition. Christ is the son of the true living God. God would never listen to a muslim or mormon prayer, for they accuse his people before they open their mouths. (The Koran does it for them. The entire book is an accusation of God and his people on nearly every page. No one can deny)

Muhammad was a thief and a liar, who stole the dead sea scrolls and got lucky. He became a celebrity in his own lifetime. I have to say though that if he had not been the person who founded the muslim religion it would have still happened in any case. Only in some other way. The Arab people needed a plausible means to hate Jews, Christians and our God. The Quran was the perfect fiction to do this.  Muhammad thought that he had stolen the only copy of the scriptures, and in the Quran the Arab people mock the Jews by repeatedly asking them where their book was. They thought they had it hidden.

The Quran, like their book of mormon, is a con, or an elaborate lie if you like. Well written fiction for the purpose, but a fictitious lie never the less. Muslims tell lies, and follow them with “Doing it for Allah”. ‘Lucifer is the father of lying’ Christ says. There is never an excuse for lying. My God will not tolerate liars.

Koran 62? “O you Jews! If you pretend that you are friends of Allah, to the exclusion of (all) other mankind, then long for death if you are truthful.” Yes we, Jews and Christians, are one and the same, and no nation that becomes so will be utterly destroyed. God made us so. God has said he will only accept this. Muhammad was a lying piece of excretion who helped satan mislead whole nations. Surely this is even obvious to muslims now? You must become Christians.

More important is the use of O.P.E.C. oil money to buy property throughout the Christian world, and the influx of muslims coloured white in our midst. Black slaves used oil to whiten their skins, and to help them escape. Read ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It was done all the time she wrote. Nothing new under the sun is there? There is good and bad in everthing. They will wish they had invested the O.P.E.C. oil money in Arab nations instead, because they will end up with nought.

30.11.12 addition: Muslims and the thief Muhammad have tried to disinherit the Jews and Christ with a ‘false will’ called the Koran. Scum, St. Peter calls them. Amen Simon. You said I would agree.

Muslims are taught by the Koran to ‘TAKE’ anything belonging to other religions. They have tried to steal Christ’s inheritance as written in the Holy Bible. Think about this seriously. They even say that ‘God took away the Jews inheritance and gave it to them.’ Put simply; they are criminally insane. Punish them with the destruction of all that holds the lie together. (Destroy Mecca, Baghdad, and Terhan if necessary) Surely it is obvious that for the sake of peace on earth it is essential?


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