Sea Kings

Just a thought, but

“I saw as it were a beast rising out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns”.

“There are five kings. One is fallen and one is yet to come. The beast which was and is not and yet is, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven”.

Was it Blair’s or Brown’s government who spoke of making air sea rescue civilian?

Next day, almost, a French woman, who was probably employed by the E.M.I recording label’s French company The Thales group, was dramatically winched off the north tower of Elgin Cathedral, in what was obviously, a fixed drama.

Now: Was Aidan Grant McPherson thrown into the river Lossie, to be dramatically recovered, but was washed away instead? Or did he just become a good ‘idea?

And: Was Mary Jane Clarke a later substitute, who was placed upstream of the weirs, (Probably using ‘Big Bird’) to be sure she was not washed away as well, then dramatically recovered. As she was. (Millions of pounds of machine standing in for a couple of men with waders and a bit o’ old rope)

Consider what M.O.D. and N.H.S. contracts are worth, and killing is what the armed forces do. It is their job after all.

Are Seaking helicopters fitted with ‘Big Bird’ for close manoeuvring. Probably. Those people replace governments all over the world, at will. They rule this planet. is mostly owned by the Performers Rights Society, including people like Elton John. Remember it is part of the record label.


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