About a month ago I started taking sugar in my tea and coffee again after twenty two years of taking none. None, means no desserts to speak of either. I took a notion to make puddings such as rice puddings, and bought only my second bag of sugar in all that time. I threw out the first. The facts.

  1. You could die taking sugar again after such a long abstinence. For some reason, I cannot yet explain, sugar in your system means you must drink less fluids, or suffer fluid poisoning. In the first two weeks I dropped from ten to twelve mugs a day plus juices, to seven or eight. More and I would have passed out.
  2. There is not as much sugar in sweets as we are led to believe. It is only a flavouring, and sometimes they contain none. One pound of chocolates would = one cuppa for some people. My rice puddings only require one or two tea spoonfuls.
  3. 5 cups of tea / coffee with five spoonfuls of sugar in each = a meal. Why thin people don’t eat so much. I know people who take that much.
  4. I’ve had to cut back on eating.
  5. I’ve increased my sugar to two spoons, and must cut back more on the fluids. Same reason. Aiming for around five to six cups a day. I could not have begun with two spoons. It takes time for it to adjust the blood. The conflict of what existed, and what it must become were too diverse.
  6. It has not, to date, helped my skin. Though it is a preservative.
  7. Remember it is extremely dangerous to take after a long absence. Realise you must cut back on fluids or die. 
  8. Never accept what other people call ‘a lot’ or ‘not a lot’. A fat person is fat because they eat too much, despite what they might tell you. Doctors make a fortune from supporting such weak wills, but it is never true. And a thin person is thin because they pretty much ‘feed’ on sugar.
  9. When I was a teenager I had athletes foot as many of you have. I used Mycil cream as instructed. I spent some time in hospital, and got it on prescription during my stay. Athletes foot, as it turns out, is the beginning of Leprosy. A fungal growth. If I had been prescribed just one weeks anti biotics for the leprosy then it would have cured it. Boots the chemist would not make money from such curing. (You will not get them either. Not the proper one’s) Neither would hospitals, or staff. I was given a short time to live if I did not get a cure, in 1987. (Ish) Doctors WOULD NOT give the anti biotics. They knew.

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